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Finding Strength in Your Differences

A Workshop for Couples Who Are More Different
(aka Complementary) Than They Realize

The key to a successful relationship is understanding how you and your partner are different – then accepting and appreciating it. For example, you might enjoy dinner with a few close friends, while your partner thrives on big crowds and big adventures. You might see the upside in nearly every situation, while they will always point out the potential problems. You might prefer to have plenty of time to make decisions, while they jump in and are ready to go in a millisecond.

Everyone has their own way of doing things, and when you're in a relationship with someone, it's inevitable that you'll experience a clash of styles. Understanding your innate personality strengths is the first step in eliminating potential areas of conflict. In this workshop you will both discover what you are like in your natural state, and how you each might be affecting your partner’s experience.

“Whether you are planning your wedding, or you have been married for 40 years, everyone who attends will learn a great deal about themselves and their partner."

Join business and relationship coach Candi Broeffle to create a more vibrant relationship with your spouse or partner. This workshop will help couples find the understanding, self-awareness and communication skills they need to feel confident in their relationship and to nurture their life together, rather than degrade their relationship with the resentments that cause separation and pain.

Utilizing CliftonStrengths, couples will identify their top five signature themes that act as a filter through which they show up in their relationships. The purpose of this workshop is to discover opportunities to complement your partner’s strengths and help you build a better relationship. At the conclusion of this three-week workshop, you will leave with a greater sense of awareness and appreciation for each other.

Learning to respect your partner’s differences can soften potential areas of conflict. Often people fall in love with someone quite different from themselves. We instinctually do this in order to create balance. But when your partner is so different than you are, it may feel like you are coming from completely different planets. This workshop was created to help couples understand, appreciate, and work with their differences.