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Composure Coaching
Candi Broeffle, MBA, CPC
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Master your business so you can practice your passion. Business coaching for purpose-driven entrepreneurs to clarify your vision, build your confidence, and create a soul-centered strategy.  Call today for a free Discovery Session and get on your path to business success.

Facing change and transition causes feelings of uneasiness, resentment, and overwhelm, often to the point of hindering your ability to take action.  Knowing how to deal with every type of transition in your life from a highly conscious perspective means not just surviving the change, but thriving….leaving you excited and energized for what lies ahead.

Providing life-changing retreats for individuals committed to leading lives filled with purpose, joy, and connection.  Experience transformation in multi-day retreats that create awareness and acceptance of your current experiences, while providing the tools needed to design a life of conscious choice. It’s your time to build a fearless life.